Christmas Feast - Menu A - 2023


X’mas Feast

Menu A
Minimum for 2 people
£50.00 for 2 people
£75 for 3 people
Satay Chicken
(Skewer of chicken served with satay sauce)
Spare Ribs Peking Style
(Spare ribs cooked with fruity sauce)
Crispy Aromatic Duck
(Succulent duck marinated in spices, deep fried & served with
pancakes, hoi-sin sauce, shredded cucumber & spring onions)
Chilli Beef Strips
(Beef strips cooked in a fruity & chilli sauce)
Sizzling Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onions
(Stir fried chicken with ginger & spring onions served with hot iron wok)
Stirred Fried Beansprouts with Broccoli
Egg Fried Rice
Ice Cream
(Choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce)